ESC participant wears Müller Group shoes

As a member of the Müller shoe group, we are very happy to see Kandahar shoes on the world stage of the ESC - what a highlight!

On May 10, 2022 the time has come - 40 countries will compete against each other for the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin (Italy).

Switzerland will compete with Marius Bear and hopes for the big win with "Boys Do Cry"! The song is about feelings and emotions that should be shown and not hidden or held back by emotional armor. One(s) should not see emotions as a weakness, but as a great strength.


On stage with cult shoes from Switzerland

The 28-year-old Appenzeller will perform his ballad in Swiss cult shoes - Kandahar shoes, which Charlie Chaplin already wore. These were established in Switzerland since 1932, first as après-ski shoes, later as extremely weatherproof, robust and warm winter shoes. Since 2022, Kandahar has been part of the kybun Joya Group and is produced in eastern Switzerland.



Managing Director Karl Müller is pleased: "Marius discovered our model "Retro" in black and fell in love at first sight. For us it was immediately clear, we will support him in his adventure in Turin!"



It surprises many that Kandahar shoes are made here in Switzerland, including Marius Bear: "I did not know that such comfortable and ingenious shoes are made here in Switzerland. My Kandahar shoes fit perfectly to my ESC outfit, because the distinctive sole underlines my whole outfit!"


We are honored to have a little piece of Swiss shoe history on stage this year. "It is indeed amazing how down-to-earth Swiss footwear advances to a design object and gets a place in such a show," Karl Müller proudly explains with a view to the prominent shoe placement.


Marius Bear enters the race with the starting number 4 and has to prevail against 16 international competitors. We keep our fingers crossed and wish him every success in this unique experience!


Joya wishes good luck!