kybun and Joya merge

The two world market leaders in the field of health shoes are merging. In the future, the brands "kybun" and "Joya" will be managed under one roof - that of the kybun Joya Group.

With the merger, kybun and Joya are expanding their global market leadership. The established brands will now be managed under the umbrella of the kybun Joya Group. The new management team of the kybun Joya Group - Urs Koller, Markus Bartholet, Karl Müller and Claudio Minder see added value for partners and customers, thanks to the joint synergies.

In the long term, the Group hopes to achieve even greater market penetration and thus even higher sales of health shoes and other products in the area of healthy walking and standing. Last but not least because more and more people are recognizing the importance of natural gait and staying fit and pain-free for longer, thanks to kybun and Joya shoes.

"We all have the same goal, to enable people to move without pain. This is the best way for us to achieve this and help our customers achieve a better quality of life!" Claudio Minder, CEO Joya



A new era begins

In the course of the generational change, Karl IV takes over the legacy and responsibilities of his father Karl III.

The foundation for the health shoe dynasty began in 1997, when Karl Müller III launched the MBT shoe and revolutionized the shoe industry with the "rolling sole". In 2006 he sold the MBT brand rights, but three years later launched the kybun air-soled shoe, bringing industrial shoe production back to Switzerland.

At the end of 2020, he announced his resignation as CEO and handed over the management of the company to Urs Koller. From then on, Karl Müller III concentrated on being Chairman of the Board of Directors and thus on the strategic management of kybun AG. Around half a year before his 70th birthday, he is now also stepping down from this position, leaving his son Karl IV (founder of Joya shoes) with the overall responsibility.

"Thank you for your support, brand loyalty and trust. I will continue to be committed, being a reliable business partner that is a pleasure to work with, as well as producing health footwear that provides pain-free movement through innovation and the best technology!" Karl Müller IV

Together with the merger, the foundation has been laid for a new era of footwear and a strengthening of the company as the global market leader in health footwear.



The kybun Joya Group

The kybun Joya Group continues to specialize in the development, manufacture and distribution of elastic-springy health shoes and health solutions. In addition, a focus is placed on the manufacture of Swiss quality shoes in Sennwald. 


The brands of the kybun Joya Group:




We're looking forward to the future – it will be exciting!